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Mixing Tips,Tricks and Links

These are websites that have helped us in the past and may help you

infoSound on Sound – A go to for audio mixing, hardware/software do’s and dont’s


Todaysbeats – Great site for learning chord progressions and other fundamentals

infoHome studio corner – Awesome tutorials, discussions, tips & tricks for musicians/engineers

infoFuture Producers – Good professional insight forum

infoSecrets of the Pros – A great look at the tricks of the trade from “inside” the industry

infoGear Slutz – A no brainer for most engineers/musicians but if you haven’t ended up here, check it out

infoStudio Buddy – This is a decent tool that can help with studio/recording issues

infoAudioTuts – Nice professional tutorial videos for musicians

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-100% royalty free

-Unlimited profit use

Music for Licensing

- MP3 or WAV format

-Download a cue sheet for broadcasting use

-Contact us for free higher resolutions

Custom Music

- Contact us about your project

- Upload reference material

- Be as specific as possible

Mixing and Restoration

- Filter out noise

- Mix entire songs

- Fatten up older recordings